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Building an AWS Lambda in C#, part 3: APIs and secrets

In part 2, we build a Lambda function, deployed and invoked it; and in this part, we’ll extend it to communicate with an API using a secret key.

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Building an AWS Lambda in C#, part 2: Build, deploy and invoke

In part 1, we set up the basic infrastructure to support a new Lambda function on AWS; and n this part, we’ll build a Lambda function, deploy it to AWS, and invoke it with some input.

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Building an AWS Lambda in C#, part 1: AWS

At first glance, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can seem impenetrably complex, but it’s not so bad once you’ve found your way around it…

Querying data files with terminal tools

There are a many ways to peek inside a data file and reason about its contents.

Choosing your first coding language

Anyone can code. This is a short exploration of the choices for coding beginners out there.

Keeping jobs alive with caffeine

My Mac likes to go to sleep to save power, and that means any long-running processes I have underway will be suspended when it does.

Hello, World!

I learned to code on a computer called the BBC Micro, released by the BBC in 1981.

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We're only human

Cleaning up data from volunteer groups across the UK. We’re only human In the previous post, we took a tour of the open data available that tells the story of volunteerism across the UK since the coronavirus crisis began.

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Look for the helpers

What can we learn about grass-roots COVID-19 volunteer groups from open data?

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How to donate your laptop safely

A friend is helping out with a community project and asked for some laptops.