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Dead Person Switches - appeal for journalists


I am hoping to interview some investigative journalists for my masters thesis at the University of Oxford.

FAO Investigative Journalists

Updated 2021-06-18

  • Now far easier to participate: JISC Online Survey
  • Participants do not need to provide a name.
  • Revised ethical approval number.

Dead Person Switches

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I’ll be asking a series of questions relating to physical risk to investigative journalists or whistleblowers, and how their safety and security is managed.

Your anonymity will be protected.

If you’d prefer a phone interview, please respond to the researcher:

This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through the Computer Science Departmental Research Ethics Committee at the University of Oxford.

  • They can be contacted at:
  • Please quote approval number: CS_C1A_21_011_01 (revised 2021-06-11)