Open Social Distributor documentation


CLI - build, test, release

This is a tool for managing social posts across multiple platforms. Simple to configure, and able to run as a command line client, or as a service in a Docker container or an AWS CloudFormation stack.

At current time, you can build, configure, and use the CLI to post a messages, threads, and images to a variety of social networks.

Coming soon:

Download binaries

See: Releases


To add networks to your configuration, you’ll need to obtain authorisation tokens with permission to post. See:

Making posts

You can use the command-line interface (CLI) to make an ad-hoc post to any number of social networks.

Developer notes

Current state of development

See: Outstanding TODOs

Social networks supported

This project is in development. Additional capabilities are coming soon.

Network Test Post Thread Link Tags Images
Console 🆗
Facebook (page) ⌛️
LinkedIn (org) ⌛️
LinkedIn (member) ⌛️

✅ = implemented, working ⌛️ = implemented, not fully tested yet

NB. Twitter is not a safe place to build your brand or identity, and has not been included in this list.



Component Feature Completion
CLI Compose and post simple messages
CLI Json configuration file
CLI Binary release script
Service Launch in Docker
Service Support for multiple environments
Service Configuration mechanism  
Service Schedule and post messages  
AWS Stack Sync stack (for development)
AWS Stack Deploy stack (for releases)  
AWS Stack Configuration mechanism  
AWS Stack Schedule and post messages  

Config support

Support scripts are found at the root of the open-social-distributor-app directory. The CLI supports configuration tests. Scripts are provided as a shortcut to build and invoke the CLI:

Script Purpose Builds and invokes the CLI to test the connections defined in a configuration file


Component Purpose
DistributionCLI A CLI for basic configuration and message posting
DistributionFunction A scheduled posting function, run as an AWS CloudWatch application stack
DistributionService A scheduled posting service, runs as a Docker container
DistributorLib Shared code with functionality to support the above 3 use cases

Build and deploy scripts

Build and deploy scripts are found at the root of the open-social-distributor-app directory.

Script Purpose Exports some default AWS environment variables. Builds and synchronises the project code with an AWS CloudFormation stack UNDER DEVELOPMENT
Script Purpose Builds dev versions of the CLI, lambda function, and service projects as .NET binaries Builds release binaries of the CLI for Windows, OS X, and Linux
Script Purpose Builds, tests, and runs the service for the int or prod environment

Unit tests

Testing scripts are found at the root of the open-social-distributor-app directory.

Script Purpose builds and runs all or some of the unit tests

Integration tests

Integration tests check that the distributor can connect to and post to the various social media networks.

Support for all social networks is limited - some have fewer constraints than others to create test accounts for.

Script Purpose builds and runs the social network integration tests